Vitamin D determination system


VCube® | Vitamin D Reader

The system consists of V Cube® (reader) and VCube Strip® (immunochromatographic strips) for the quantitative measurement of Vitamin D in capillary blood. The main role of vitamin D is to regulate the intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, promoting normal bone formation and mineralization. Furthermore, vitamin D is involved in the process that ensures normal muscle contractility, as well as interacting with the immune system by exerting an immunomodulatory effect.


Sample Volume 10 µl of Capillary Blood

Measurement range 0 – 160 ng/mL

Total analysis time 15 minutes


Know your blood levels of Vitamin D

Initiation of medical evaluation of only patients eligible for treatment

Evaluation of the effectiveness of supplementation


The sun is an excellent help if taken at the right moments and for a specific time.

It is thanks to the sun that our body, through the skin, is able to synthesize it and produce it up to 80% of our needs.

Vitamin D has an irreplaceable role at all ages, in the prevention and treatment of weakening of bones in children, osteoporosis in adulthood and senile age.