BioSkryb’s ResolveDNA genome amplification technology allows you to accurately examine entire genomes or entire exomes from single cells or low-concentration DNA samples to reveal new insights into molecular drivers of disease. ResolveDNA reduces bias, experimental artifacts, and poor reproducibility commonly associated with traditional amplification methods, resulting in increased genomic coverage with unprecedented resolution.

ResolveOME is a first-of-its-kind multiomics solution that combines whole genome or exome analysis with whole transcriptome analysis within each individual cell in one integrated workflow and can help researchers explore Large-scale complex multiomics datasets. Based on BioSkryb’s patented PTA (primary template-directed amplification) technology, ResolveOME and ResolveDNA dramatically increase genomic coverage up to 97%. When paired with BioSkryb’s BaseJumper™ bioinformatics platform, which provides rapid analysis of complex data at scale, researchers can comprehensively explore multiomic data from single cells to improve the understanding of complex diseases.”

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