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Since 2003 we have been working with passion alongside doctors, researchers and pharmacists, offering them our commitment and our experience in the field of decentralized Point of Care diagnostics, self-analysis systems for the Pharmacy of Services and biological medical research.

We are convinced that the true value of a technology is measured by the potential it places in the hands of the clinician and by the ability to improve the lives of patients. We are convinced that the true value of a technology is measured by the potential it places in the hands of the clinician and by the ability to improve the lives of patients.

Hospital healthcare personnel require rapid diagnostic responses and extremely accurate results for better disease management. Research centers and universities need cutting-edge systems, indispensable for scientific progress, the only one capable of improving our life prospects. Pharmacists are leading professional figures for the prevention and monitoring of the most common pathologies.

These are the health professionals with whom we collaborate every day and who stimulate us to study personalized solutions that meet their needs by providing them with the information necessary to be able to act effectively for the benefit of all of our health.


For this reason we are pleased to represent companies that meet these criteria. Today in Italy we are present in the HLA sector with routine solutions of recognized efficiency, in intensive care we have introduced continuous monitoring of blood sugar, lactate, SCV02, hemoglobin for critically ill patients, hospital bedside diagnostics, new biomarkers for the monitoring of the critically ill patient suffering from sepsis, acute kidney or cardiovascular disorders, to telemedicine for territorial diagnostics, to clinical chemistry in the pharmacy which analyzes complete organ profiles with a drop of blood.


Practical knowledge of the use of innovative systems helps us to make the most of their potential and avoid mistakes. Our team of technicians is characterized by a long experience in the hospital diagnostic field, always at the service of the most prestigious companies in the sector. To this must be added the organization that focuses on support for the best use of the tools and in the event of a failure in a punctual restoration of the operating conditions. A single number with an always available call reception service ensures constant monitoring of the operational continuity of research laboratories, hospitals and Italian pharmacies.


Each agent has the task of building a network of relationships with customers in the sector, in order to understand their needs and research and promote ad hoc diagnostic solutions and make it easy to purchase those identified. Each network, in a specific way, has been selected with certain aptitude and background criteria and adequately trained under the technical-scientific profile to be the first and effective interface of VODEN. All our collaborators are regularly updated with classroom training and, remotely, punctually informed on the news that the company makes available to them.


The selected access of the operators, the online verification of the quality controls of the machines and the security in the data management make VODENLINK the ideal system to effectively control the quality of the work of your HosPOC. The platform is able to integrate numerous Voden POCT instruments and more. Available in Client and Server versions, low purchase/licensing and management costs, easy to install, perfectly integrated into the hospital HIS/LIS. All well supported by the Voden Support team. Your digital cockpit (control panel) of your POCT system.

Software solutions dedicated to the Self-analysis area of the Pharmacy of Services are also available.