External Quality Assessment

VODEN, in partnership with RANDOX, a leading company in the hospital quality sector, is now able to offer the RIQAS Pharmacy an external quality assessment service (VEQ) superpartes.

The External Quality Assessment (EQA) is a procedure for verifying the performance of the pharmacy aimed at testifying the good procedures in place or stimulating initiatives for their improvement.

What the RIQAS service provides

The service provides for the quarterly sending of a sample of whole blood (the same that the pharmacy normally analyzes from the patient) and the execution by the operator and the insertion on the site of the results obtained with indication of the instrument on which he worked .

Once the session is closed, Randox will process the statistical data and make the performance report available online for the participating pharmacy and only for it.

In the report, the pharmacy will find its results compared with the pharmacies that use the same tool expressed as consensus average and variance indicators.

Similar indicators will also be available for pharmacies with respect to the world of participants.

At the end of the sessions, a certificate of participation will be issued.