UVITEC Ltd is a manufacturer of Imaging Systems and UV Equipment based in Cambridge, UK. Since 1996 UVITEC has been at the forefront of Image Acquisition Systems for a wide range of applications, including chemiluminescence and spectral fluorescence, through technologically advanced cameras and sensors and innovative optics. Sensitivity, resolution and robustness are at the heart of the development of UVITEC products, designed to provide industry specialists with reproducible and reliable data.

UVITEC recalls that ALLIANCE chemiluminescence models are modular and can be upgraded to acquire epi-fluorescence images with UV, BLUE, GREEN, RED, NIR and IR excitation sources.

Multiplexing and normalization need not be a cause for anxiety anymore!

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In addition to the professionalism and distribution support of VODEN Spa, UVITEC Ltd also makes use of the direct presence in Italy of its own operating staff in the person of:

Application Specialist & Business Development Manager
Cell./WhatsApp : 351 923 8600