Urgent OPTI TS2 software update

For our Customers who use OPTI CCA Model TS2 instruments, below are the files for the mandatory software update, which we ask you to perform as soon as possible.

To receive support or for information on how to manage the update of the TS model, contact our technical assistance on 0362 1908086.

Today is a special day! At 12:30 today 11 March, our VChemy S received the blessing in St. Peter’s at the Pope’s surgery.

VChemy S was purchased and donated by the SILOE Association for an excellent cause. In fact, it will be used to perform blood tests on frail and homeless people.

The Siloe Association was born in 2007 and is engaged in solidarity projects to improve the quality of life of the patient and his family, dedicates part of the social activities to the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of destitute patients.

Yesterday the delivery ceremony of the VChemy S instrument was held at the Pope’s Clinic “Mother of Mercy”, located under the colonnade of St. Peter’s Basilica. The ceremony was attended by Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, almsgiver of the Pope, Andrea Benassi, president of Siloe onlus, and Lucia Ercoli, coordinator of the Madre della Misericordia Clinic and of the Solidarity Medicine Association.





THE REAL NEW POCT! New extremely versatile clinical chemistry tool.

Finally an instrument that can encompass biochemistry, cardiac markers and coagulation, able to offer the maximum number of parameters with the minimum amount of sample. Wide range of rotors to choose from.

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